Subjects we teach
Social Studies, Civic Education, Spanish, English, French, Arts, Music, Computer Cience, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Psychology, Physical Education, Moral / Ethics.

Interactive education
Laptop for each student; virtual classroom; interactive whiteboards; digital books.

Bilingual Education
Fully bilingual Education (English-Spanish) and conversational French.

Exchange programs

We participate in the following programs:
•Kaplan London
•BEO United Kingdom
•Space Camp – USA
•EF English Language – United States

Extracurricular activities
Cooking, board games, football, Indoor soccer, basketball, dancing, country,
among others.

Athletic, academic (tutorial),
artistic and cultural.

Royal Educational Complex was founded in 1997 to provide high quality education, affordable cost and focused on the use of technology. We will form honest people with high moral, competitive, innovative values and ready to help build a better world through individual development and environmental care.


To form honest individuals, with ambition and overcoming capacity,committed
to their future, their felow´s and their country´s, under the light of respect, justice and democracy.”


To be a leading educational institution in academic, personal and moral values. Recognised
by its principles:

  • To Exercise leadership that affects the culture and
    social transformation, through the transmission of values.
  • To Establish a project for the student community as a whole.
  • To be distinguished by its real and efficient individualized attention.
  • To Achieve a high level of academic quality.
  • To dispouse technological resources, curricula and constantly evolving sport planning.

Educational levels

3 to 5 years

From 7 to 12 years

High School
From 12 to 17 years

Open Enrollment for the academic year 2017.

Information for parents

What is the focus of our institution?

We seek to give each student the opportunity to achieve their dreams and develop their full potential and skills, with an approach based on the development of a healthy self-esteem that leads to a high level of performance, productivity and success.

What makes us different from other schools?

  • True individualized attention: methodological adjustments that allow students to move at their own pace, through several support tools and systems that meet the needs of each student to reach their full potential by challenging their creativity in solving problems.
  • Maximum 15 students groups per classroom.
  • Development of math,reading, comprehension and logical reasoning skills.
  • Comprehensive education: artistic, sporting and cultural.
  • 90% of our graduates are young businesspersons, entrepreneurs and independent.

What languages do we teach?

  • Bilingual English-Spanish
  • French Conversational
  • Optional learning for other languages

What is our schedule?

  • M-Th 7:00 AM – 3:10 PM
  • F 7:00 AM- 1:30 PM

Do we leave homework?

No homework, the pursuit of excellence is fostered through work extra points.

What sports we encourage?

Football, Indoor Soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, pool, athletics, et al.

What do we teach about art and music?

Lessons are taught in both subjects. Arts is being taught by projects and music on the theoretical knowledge area, music appreciation and development of instrumental skills (piano, guitar, xylophone, percussion, flute, etc.)

Do we have problems with Traffic Jams?

Because of our schedules, we do not concur with the schedules in and out of other schools so our parents are not affected by regular Guachipelín Traffic Jams.

Check out the standards by which we are governed in Royal